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About us

My original vision was to create a Law Firm that would be centred on people and their needs. Sharing my vision with trustworthy and experienced legal practitioners, we established together “ANNA A. KORAKI & ASSOCIATES – LAW FIRM.”

Anna Koraki

Company Founder
Lawyer – Economist


Real Estate Property

With its network of qualified and experienced associates spread out in Greece, our firm can guarantee the rapid and effective completion of all stages of the procedure to buy, sell or lease properties.

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Private Debt

We target customised solutions for our principals either through debt settlement or restructuring or by pursuing a release or reduction in court using Law 3869, as amended and applicable today.

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Services for Citizens Abroad

We aim to be a valuable associate/consultant for all foreign residents that are called to enter into a transaction with the Greek State.

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Tax Representation

We can handle the tax affairs of companies registered in other EU countries that wish to sell their goods directly to Greece.
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Start-Ups – Investment in Greece

We can undertake and support the planning, the establishment and the management of all operations of start-ups.

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Management of overdue and other receivables

Working for over 20 years together with the largest Banking Institutions, Organisations and Enterprises, our company has built a reputation as one of the top-tier companies in the area of Commercial and Banking law, specialising on the law of enforcement proceedings and the collection of overdue debts.

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Fervent supporters of the institution of Mediation, we never fail to propose mediation to our clients as the best way to settle their disputes.

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Areas of Activity


Civil Law

We have excellently skilled associates in Greece and abroad, with extensive experience in consulting and the judicial or extrajudicial resolution of disputes.

Commercial – Company Law – Bankruptcy Law

We can offer comprehensive Legal Coverage and Consulting over each stage of your business activity (launch, operations, termination).

Banking law & management of overdue and other receivables

Our extensive experience and training in the law of banking contracts, in particular in terms of bank-client relationships and non-performing loans, has ranked us among the most innovative Law Firms in Banking Law.

Intellectual & Industrial Property

We can register trademarks, industrial standards and patents on behalf of our clients at a national, EU and international level.

Centred on the successful completion of the projects and cases we are responsible for, we are constantly expanding our horizons and our knowledge to offer high-quality and high-efficiency services.

Our efforts rely on a customised approach for each case, fostering a climate of mutual trust and respect based on our long-standing partnerships.

The Firm

Anna A. Koraki & Partners” Law Firm is ranked among the leaders in the country’s legal file, as it stands true to a strong value system that expresses the culture and philosophy of its partners.

We place vast importance on creating and fostering a climate of trust with our clients. We handle your cases as if they were our own.


Our Offices

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