Privacy Policy
“ANNA A. KORAKI & ASSOCIATES” Law Firm complies fully with the applicable national and EU Laws of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 effective as of 25.5.2018 and has taken all the steps required regarding the collection, the use, the transmission and the retention of personal information. The firm follows a relevant privacy policy, with a view to assure, protect and process such information in any manner necessary.
Processing of personal information means the collection, registration, storage and use of any information that the client or a third (physical or natural) personal provides the Firm in the context of their mutual transactions.
The processing of the personal data of the Firm’s clients is governed by the following principles, which also dictate our obligations as Processors. Processing principles: a) Lawfulness, fairness and transparency; b) Limitation of purpose; c) Minimisation of data; d) Accuracy; e) Storage limitation; f) Integrity and confidentiality; g) Accountability of the Controller.
Information processed by the Firm include:
Ι.) Identification data, such as name, father’s name, gender, ID card number, Tax number, date and place of birth;
II.) Contact details, such as postal and email address, landline and cell phone;
III.) Information about assets and family status, such as profession, pays, dependent members, tax clearance notes, other fiscal and revenue-related information among others (e.g. forms Ε1 and Ε9);
IV) Data/information that may be collected automatically by your computer system, such as IP address and other technical information.
Additional information may be requested as applicable, provided however that such information is necessary in order to proceed to a specific legal step or to collaborate in any matter.
The Firm must necessarily collect and process such personal information to defend the interests of the client and to handle matters of contracts and billing.
Your eventual failure to provide your consent in processing your personal data may imply that we will not be able to proceed to legal actions or cooperate further.
Personal data are processed either in printed or in digital form via computers, always respecting the safety measures set by the applicable law framework; the Firm keeps this information safe in in a separate archive according to the Greek and EU laws.
The Firm warrants that it shall not retain such personal information for a period longer than what is strictly required, assuring our clients that they will then be safely deleted.
More specifically, personal information in the form of documents shall be kept for as long as the case remains in the responsibility of our Law Firm.
Upon the completion of all recommended legal steps, all documents are returned to the client or are destroyed and electronic data files are deleted. The client’s personal information may be kept after his or consent for a period of up to five (5) years from their collection.
Policies we apply to comply with the GDPR:
a) All our associates are bound by confidentiality agreements;
b) We have designated a limited number of people that have (physical or digital) access to databases, personal information, files etc.
c) We have a system of tiered access to information based on credentials (access policy).
d) We have taken steps for the safe retention and control of access, particularly as concerns case-files or copies thereof.
e) We follow a policy for the physical safety of our premises and a “clean desk” policy (locking files, locking computers, printer protection etc.) All our firm’s associates have a clear picture of the distance to compliance that must be covered, and a Gap Analysis has been made.
Data mapping is complete.
Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) has prepared a table illustrating all categories of personal information with their respective subjects, recipients, ways they were acquired & retained, purpose of processing and any transfers to third parties.

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