About us

Letter by the founder of the company

My original vision was to create a Law Firm that would be centred on people and their needs. Sharing my vision with trustworthy and experienced legal practitioners, we established together “ANNA A. KORAKI & ASSOCIATES – LAW FIRM.”

Our team consists of qualified associates trained in a broad range of areas of expertise, who provide comprehensive legal consulting services, both inside and outside the borders of Greece.
After 20 years of hard work, we have conquered a leading position in the country’s legal life. We continue with the same zeal and devotion, willing to go the extra mile and constantly improve the services we provide.
At a time when everything we were taking for granted has been overturned, when the values of trust and security are and will remain most crucial for all of us, our firm provides legal services of a high standard, focusing on confidentiality, transparency and stability.
We stay true to a strong system of values that safely protects the interests of our principals, all by achieving outstanding results.
Our devotion to our clients, whether it is a group of companies, the Greek state or a private individual, is for us a priority. We want our clients to feel unique and important, because this is exactly how we see them. We want them to know that they can rely on our services and that the procedure we propose in order to solve their cases is actually the best possible one.
Our philosophy includes our trust in the institution of “Mediation,” being the extrajudicial procedure to solve private differences, one that is based on mutual respect, equal say and cooperation.
We are at your disposal, strongly committed to serving your interests with persistence and zeal in order to solve any legal matter you may have.


Anna Koraki

Company Founder